About CannaGold USA

Mission Statement:

We’re highly committed to consistently producing high quality cannabis products for our consumers, while providing value and dependable customer service for our clients.


Our state-of-the-art facility, coupled with our standardized repeatable processes, allows us to consistently produce the highest quality cannabis product available,

back-to-back, all year round. We utilize an automated environmental climate control system and proper lighting ensuring the ideal conditions just like most all successful “indoor style” facilities do.

However, though our unique, innovative design, and technologically advanced equipment, were able to do our part, to preserve our environment, by creating a smaller carbon footprint than all our indoor competitors, without compromising any quality.


Over the course of many years, we’ve acquired some of the world’s best, and sought-after cannabis genetics. Whether you like the new, latest, and greatest strains, or the time-tested classics, we’ve got something for everyone.

Utilizing a bio-synthetic, pharmaceutical grade nutrient, beverage grade co2, and the highest quality light possible, we’re able to maximize each strain’s genetic potential.

All this, coupled with our weekly harvest rotation ensures consumers get a fresh, consistent, high-quality flower with every purchase.

Our Team:

  • Aleksandr Gamer – President/CEO, 7 years Washington Recreational Market
  • Todd Cirrito – Director of Operations, 16 years California Medical Market, 7 years Washington Recreational market
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